My new phone shipped from B&H Photo’s warehouse in Maspeth, NY this past Wednesday 8/30 via UPS Ground, with a scheduled delivery date of Tuesday 9/5. Waiting 6 days for a package is infuriating when I’m so used to speedy Amazon Prime shipping (now with Sunday delivery to help keep USPS in business).

According to the UPS Ground transit time map, a package shipped from Maspeth, NY should arrive here in Wisconsin 3 business days.

Oh, and even though Saturday delivery is an option with UPS, it doesn’t count as a business day. By this definition of business days, a package shipped on a Wednesday would arrive the following Monday, but since this Monday is Labor Day, I have to wait until Tuesday to get my mitts on my new toy.


All of this is understandable, if annoying. But I made the mistake of checking the tracking this morning, and discovered...


That’s right, the package arrived at my local UPS distribution center this morning, even with a late trailer arrival in Hodgkins, IL yesterday. But of course, you can’t just go to a UPS warehouse and pick up a package before UPS has attempted to deliver it, and even if you could, the distribution center customer counter is closed on Saturdays.

Yes I know, Amazon spends massive amounts of money above and beyond what they earn in Prime membership fees to expedite shipping, and they have their special deal with the US Postal Service for Sunday deliveries, and where I buy my mass quantities of pet supplies for my 3 cats giving free 1-2 day FedEx shipping with any order of $49 or more is an exception to the shipping norm, but dammit, I’m so used to the quick turnaround times that when a package comes regular old UPS Ground it bothers me to no end.


I could easily avoid all this nonsense if I paid the extra 8 bucks or whatever for faster shipping at a store like B&H that has UPS Ground as their default free shipping option, but the whole reason I bought the phone there in the first place was because they had the best price, so I don’t want to spend anything extra just for the pleasure of getting it in my hands sooner.

Yes, I am spoiled rotten.