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AMC Eagle brackets-n-stuff back in!

So I managed to get some time into the car over the last couple of weekends and went from this:

To this:


Which I understand doesn’t look like too much work. But I had to modify both the power steering bracket and that pulley bracket pretty heavily. If the AMC engineer could see how much material I cut out of both he would probably cry a little.

Unfortunately I never took any pic of the parts before I slapped them back on but this might give you an idea of the types of clearances I was working with. In the before shot you can see how the power steering bracket goes all the way up the intake manifold. In the after you can see all that material missing. I had to bevel the backside, including the welded on nut, and had to bevel the interior bracket so it would be able to swivel up to put the belts on. And yes, I repainted it after cutting the hell out of it and test fitting it.


Now I just have to figure out the throttle cable, new electronic fuel pump, all the electrical harness (new and old and what to rip out), and all the vacuum lines (including emissions stuff), and where to mount the new computer, and get a flange welded onto the exhaust pipe so I can get it hooked up to the header.

Oh, and get the flange of the header cut off, rotated, welded back on, and have an O2 bung welded into it. ANNNNNNNDDDD it snowed like crazy here today, so I am WAY behind. But, at least the cutting of brackets part is done which means the painting of parts is done for this year. Paint + cold = not so much.

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