Got some time into the car the last few weekends. Almost down to just electrical splicing of old and new harnesses. Then I can attempt to turn it over!

For those who don’t remember this project just nose around through my profile. Most of my posts are to do with it. Long story made short: 1988, converting to multi-point fuel injection, Edelbrock performance head (new valves, springs etc) on the original 4.2L, chopped up and self customers AFE header with 2” V-Band couplers, engine is bored out and decked down a bit, sub drag-racing camshaft, all new bearings, pistons, crank etc, biggest oil pump and timing set available, bunch of customed original brackets. BROWN, WAGON, 4WD! The future will possibly involve an AX11 manual transmission.


Original had 110hp, 232lb-ft of torque.

New should be 200-ish hp, 300-ish lb-ft.

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