Rapid progress sometimes comes at the expense of fatigue. That's pretty much where I am as I write this, on Saturday afternoon. Due to the infusion of cash from our tax refund, I've been able to get some of the last of the necessary parts for getting the Eagle on the road again. Add that to the fact that I got off of work early on Friday and that I'm eager to get most of this done before it gets hot, and you have many many hours of work, crammed into one weekend.

If you don't know, the area where I live has basically two seasons: Summer; and Summer's Comin'. Right now Summer's Comin' is winding down, and by the end of April it will be miserable weather to do major repairs in. So I worked at a fever pitch last Friday and Saturday. I finished putting the new CV halfshaft on at about 11 pm on Friday. Lots of WD-40 and PB Blaster were used, and no bolts were broken. Huzzah.

Old vs. new:

Earlier that evening, I put in the new u-joints. They did go in a little easier than the old ones came out, but not by much. I also only smelled weed a little bit this time.


You'll note the grease fittings on the shafts and u-joints. I got to add "using a grease gun" to my automotive resume, right under "screwing up the nozzle of a grease gun" and "fixing the nozzle of a grease gun".

Saturday I hooked up both drive shafts. I tried to fix the speedometer but it doesn't seem to want to be fixed. I may have to have a shop look at it.


Next was the muffler. It fits with the tailpipe and intermediate pipe just fine. The intermediate pipe didn't want to fit in the cat, as previously mentioned, so I ground down the outside of it enough so that it could be forced in. Good enough. I stuck the muffler onto the back of that and supported it with jack stands.

Then, I could wait no longer.

It was... the big moment. The next test of the drivetrain. Could the transmission work under light load, and - *gasp* - turn the wheels??? Well, let's just say...



Also I managed to fix the speedo. Turns out the gear was in upside down. Rookie mistake.
But... there's another problem in the drive train. Which I'll talk about next time.


  • Reinstall starter and brace
  • Put in the transfer case
  • New transmission fluid cooler line to replace the one I had to break
  • Fix speedometer
  • New u-joints for the driveshafts
  • A new driver's side CV axle in the front
  • Install new exhaust components (halfway done)
  • Change oil and brake fluid
  • Some new seat belts ($$)
  • New (stock) rims and tires ($$)
  • New shift indicator cable (which keeps the gearshift from moving accidentally)
  • Service the front and rear differentials
  • New gas springs for rear hatch
  • Insurance, emissions, title, registration
  • Flush coolant and repair heater core with some stop-leak and a prayer
  • Fix whatever makes the A/C compressor scream when it's on
  • De-grease the engine bay
  • New under-hood insulation
  • Interior detailing
  • New paint job. Desperately needed. ($$$$)