The Jeep story was kinda sad. Bantam created a badass little scout in response to the military call for a specific vehicle, they were the only ones to meet the deadlines and specs (most of them anyway). Then the government said it was their design and gave it to Ford and Willys-Overland who then magically created their own products based on that design. It was a different time and Bantam chose not to fight that particular injustice...Probably due to patriotism, but also helped by the fact that they didn’t stand a chance. 2nd rounds come and go and Bantam improved their design. In the end all 3 (willys overland/ford/bantam) won but Bantam only produced a paltry sum and eventually the best parts of each went into a single model built by Willys (and then Ford). In the end its called the Willys Jeep, even though Bantam really did the lions share of the engineering.

Their car was also the coolest thing ever and the inspiration for Donald Duck’s car.