Went and played with the PCA today. Came within 2 cones of showing them why America is better: in both morning and afternoon layouts, I had the fastest time but coned it away. My best clean runs were 3rd in the morning and 2nd in the afternoon by 0.008s. Had I been clean on my fastest run in the afternoon, I would have pulled away by 2 tenths.

Oh well, just a fun recap to an amazing motorsports weekend. Drove something like 600 miles with 60 minutes of track time and 12 autocross runs along the way. I could not be happier with my car right now. It showed me what it’s capable of at the track, wafted me comfortably for hundreds of miles to and from, and gave me an amazing autocross performance to cap it off. And of course, after all that, it’s still running like a top with no signs that it felt any unwarranted abuse. What a machine!


Here’s a fast lap from the trackday followed by a fast run from autocross:

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