After much fuss about airbags and stuff, the Pagani Huayra did eventually go on sale in the USA in all its flappy-aero, carbon fibre glory. Having been denied the non-US-compliant Zonda, millionaire Pagani fans responded well to the Huayra's arrival, it seems, as American dealer Miller Motorcars have been awarded by Pagani for being their best dealer...... In The World. Their reward? A special carbo-tanium trophy/paperweight featuring a piece of Huayra (look near the windshield on the car behind) that could almost pass as an overpriced designer desk lamp.

The image above and the supporting text below is from Pagani's official Facebook page:

Congratulations to Miller Motorcars, our most successful worldwide dealer in 2014.

"We always knew there was a high demand for Pagani Automobili vehicles in the United States. The enthusiastic response from our North American customers and our commercial partners further fuels our passion. We congratulate the whole team at Miller Motorcars for their outstanding work this past year. Bravissimi!" - Horacio Pagani