What do Trump, Clinton, and Sanders all have in common?

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Everyone is aware of the ongoing Mueller probe, with news over the past few days that he wants to have a sit-down with the President himself. What people aren’t aware of is the investigations into Sanders and Clinton.

We’ll start with Clinton. The FBI has reopened investigations into the Clinton foundation and accusations of pay-for-play. There’s a hell of a lot for Clinton to be worried about here, in my opinion. Tangentially, there are even more questions being raised about the manner and conduct of the FBI during the classified mishandling investigation, such as handing out immunity to individuals who the FBI knew lied....


Meanwhile, it appears that a grand jury has been conviened regarding Bernie’s wife, with a major implication being that Bernie himself abused his power in order to secure the funding for her alleged crime.

That’s right folks. 3-for-3. The fucking hat trick. The trifecta. All three major front-runners for president during the 2016 election are currently under active FBI investigation, and all slimy pieces of shit.

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