Had a funny encounter with a bro in his AMG-Sport last night. So I had ordered a Pizza and took my dad’s Fit to pick it up. I was in a left-turn lane waiting for the light, when a black Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG-Sport, or whatever the NON-AMG is, pulls up next to me. Anyway, we were both in the front of our respective lanes, and we were both turning left. The light turned green. I could tell by the tenacity at which this bro got off the line that he was a bro to the highest order. So we both turn left and make our lanes at about the same speed. This guy must’ve been at half-3/4 throttle because I could hear his engine from inside the Fit. I realize that by doing normal to high RPMs, I could pull away from him. I then realized I could have a little fun and get on his nerves a bit, so I decide to pull away from him. This bro was clearly triggered by this, because all of a sudden I hear a loud rumble- well actually it was more of a determined moaning- and the bro in his AMG-SPORT pulls away from me at a much greater speed. Not even five seconds later, he slows down because he wants to turn left, so he enters the median and awaits his turn. Clearly he was put off by the notion of a 1.5 Honda Fit with a CVT going faster than him!

[I know there will be some people that will complain about me being deliberately provocative of dangerous behavior on the road. Let me reassure you that the situation was such that an accident was not likely. The road wasn’t wet, it was well-lit, there were very few cars around, and I was driving a very nimble car. Not to mention I did not expect a reaction like that. Had I accelerated such as that normally, I would not have been aware of this guy’s response. Stop suing me. GTFO.]