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AMG Mercedes-Benz F1 Team At Spa Proves Verstappen Ready For F1

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Axis of Oversteer gives you the tools to analyze and assess what happened between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the 2014 Spa F1 race.


* What's that Rule of Racing? Something about team mates / team cars....... "Beat ONE, don't beat ON the other" [I never remember which is which to do what to what!].

* Apparently the boys of AMG MB F1 can't get it straight, either.

Was that not simply two stubborn guys immaturely sucking themselves into the moment? Losing sight of the big picture to each make their own 'Who's got the bigger d*ick' comparison challenge on Lap 2 of a 44-lap race?


Despite the fact, IMO, it was NOT an intentional Rosberg attack, as Hamilton and the Press are wont to say - Rosberg's steer to the right was to catch oversteer and make the left-turn corner, not execute a slice tire on Lewis.

The bottomline was they both found a way to throw the race all away for themselves, each other, AND the entire AMG Mercedes-Benz F1 team.


So, any concern for a 17 year-old [Max Verstappen] entering F1 is BS.

He'll fit right into this children's playpen called 'F1 in the 21st Century'!

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