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Can I borrow some Land Rover knowledge to pinpoint some problems with my Disco?

The screenshot is from my ODBII reader and piston app

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And the following codes I received from my mechanic buddy who has a general domestic code reader in his shop. He wasn’t able to get any detailed code data to give me any clear ideas in order to resolve these problems. They all seem to be related to the secondary air injection system.







Any guidance or wisdom that you guys could share would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure that is it some sensor or maybe some aging seal or hose that is causing all of this but I would like to have a clear idea of what the hell I need to fix before I go spending money and time in fixing it. Regardless of the issue the truck seems to be running pretty well. She needs bushings, shocks, and tie rod ends, but that will have to wait until I am able to do the lift and am more settled into my new house. Not: I am not trying to cheap out, I just don’t want to throw parts at the problem without a clear fix in mind.


Have a Huayra launch and a P1 drift gif for your time if I wasted it.

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