Amped up but no autocross [Update]

Today is the final autocross of the season. [Update: I won my class for the season even though I didn’t show up today, even though I’m not the fastest, and even though I missed a couple of other events!]

Yesterday I had a major problem appear at work. This morning I got an extra large coffee, and because I don’t drink much caffeine, I’m at work solving the problem, super amped up from the coffee, and wishing I could be racing while watching the live timing periodically.

At least I won’t have a large problem awaiting me on Monday morning, when I have other fires to put out. Ugh.


[Update continued: My regular competitor needed 99.5 points to tie me for the season, but he only got 99.1 points today. I’m sure that he is frustrated right now, although he probably hasn’t done the math and I’m not gloating about it (yet). He was texting me that his tires were cold and he was sliding around, almost spinning out a lot. Man, I wish I could have run that course, it looked fun.

On the plus side, after 6 hours, I have my work under control. Temporarily.]

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