An American Oppo In Europe - Fuel Economy Update

I need to drop the Golf TDI 1.6 off in the morning back at the rental counter so I filled it up with the requisite hair slick. The result? I don’t know if the car was totally full when I got it (most likely not), so conservatively we went 488 miles on as much as 9.742 US gallons - that’s more than 50 US miles per gallon. Fuel here is 1.318 euros/L ($5.55 per US gallon).

While filling up, I spotted this fish out of water. It’s easily the best condition 2nd gen Camaro I’ve seen in real life. My dad asked me why I took pictures of the “drug dealer car” since he’s never seen one that fresh either (saying something since he was alive when they were new). I would love to understand the thought process that someone goes through to bring one of those to Ireland.


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