We’re talking about road rage incidents in other threads so let me tell you about something truly remarkable that I witnessed.

I was outside right around 5:30 in downtown SF and there’s a transbay bus stop directly in front of my door with a nice long line of tired people who just want to go home already. The bus is pulling up to the stop, but in front of the bus in a man on a bicycle, and he’s all decked out with his biker outfit, and he’s turned around yelling at the bus driver — really loud, “Why don’t you watch where you’re fucking going!” which is why he didn’t see the minivan stopped at the light. He of course rams directly into the back of the stopped vehicle, due to not looking where he’s going, smashing a tail light on the van, shocking the driver, and eats shit.

I’m laughing already.

The guy driving the minivan gets out to find the bicyclist with his little helmet mirror sticking out sideways all bent from the collision screaming about how it’s all the bus driver’s fault. The bus driver can’t go forward so he sits and stares with a totally blank expression at the bicyclist. The bicyclist keeps ranting as the minivan guy starts dialing the police while shaking his head, wondering why he couldn’t just get home in relative peace.

The commuters — all now held hostage because the minivan and bike are blocking the bus stop — begin to lose their patience. One man said what everyone there was thinking:

“Pal, just give it up. You’re the asshole. Just look around.”

The bicyclist whipped around to the guy who said what everyone was thinking and suddenly realized that he had about 30-40 witnesses that only saw one thing: him ramming into a minvan while yelling at someone else to watch where they were going. Also, all of them were pissed, and it was because of him.


I went back inside around this point as the guy was clearly defeated and I was done with my break.

Karma. It’s a bitch.