The shortest of very cheap eBay antennas arrived over the weekend and I turned it in to unnecessary work.

The mast that was flying high and for some reason exists on the Miata even though it has a shark fin in the middle of the trunk that could support the sat and the FM/AM, but whatever - it’s there and I’m changing it.


Short shorty is short. However not the same diameter as what was there and while I didn’t take a pick, the top of the base is a lovely shiny silver. I have a couple black suction cups laying around my tool chest. I took one, cut the edge back and put a hole in the middle and

TA-DA smoother transition to shorty antenna.

Before you get grumpy about this little guy, I do not listen to FM/AM radio at all. I happily pay for SiriusXM or listen to podcasts. 


Also I bought this while shopping Kroger this morning. It cost roughly the same as the eBay antenna.

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