An anti Tesla

Tesla owners, who often tend to be of a messianic persuasion when it comes to the electron-powered cars, talk disparagingly of “ice” cars, as in internal combustion engine. Ices are the root of all evil.

Well, if you have a Tesla there’s worse than an “ice”.

Meet an ece.


Very old, isn’t it? Obviously a rolling museum piece from sometime early in the last century. Actually, no. Locomotive no. 60163 was built from 1994 to 2008 (in stages, as the money was raised) and has been producing all manner of noxious emissions since 2009. The eagle eyed might note the LED lights. Less visible are the on-train monitoring recorder, TPWS and AWS, all required for running on main lines.

It’s unique, obviously, as nobody else would be daft enough to recreate a locomotive powered by an externally combusted engine in the 21st century would they?

They would in fact. There’s quite a remarkable list here (some totally new, others incorporating various parts of old engines) and that’s just the UK.

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