Doggo tested!

Well, I fell off the wagon, again, last weekend and posted like an idiot. Don’t run away yet!  I’m sorry for that. I’ll go through any comments and apologise or reply. Going forward I’m using Craig Ferguson’s three rules. No worries.

Those chrome handle covers are hitting the bin ASAP!


I finally pulled the trigger on a new to me vehicle! And it is good!

A bit of Chevy rot showing it’s face in the rockers.

It’s a 2003 Suburban (K 1500 according to the title huh). It’s loaded. Kidney squeezers? Lumbar? Leather? Heated seats? I miss heated seats! I frigging love heated seats! Arrows in the side view mirrors? I’m getting spoiled. It’s been better than ten years since I’ve driven something this good.

So squeezably comfortable!


It came with a stack of receipts too. The front suspension was rebuilt last year, new Autoride bits, new, new, new everywhere.. It drives so nice too. Super nice. The best nice there is. Nobody else has it this nice! ;)

Immediate concerns are a crack in the windshield (Safelite comes tomorrow) and it needs tires soon.


Why am I so excited? It’s just a Suburban? Well, I’m a wanderer. That’s how I put 40k on old Crusty in 3 years. Flip a coin, pick a direction and drive. I got my money out of that truck and I’ll get it out of this one too. In a little more style this time.