Sorry Ballaban but you’re wrong. Here’s why:

“It snows twice a year here” I’ve never heard this as an excuse to get a crossover, more as an argument for them since regular cars rarely have available AWD, while a vast majority of crossovers have it. Dumb excuse, yes, but people like peace of mind.

“I like the style” Crossovers look a lot better than they used to and the typical car buyer doesn’t care that much about styling. If they did, how would they be able to sell new Prius?


“I need the room” This is a very valid reason to get a crossover. “Get a wagon” you say, but where? There are no affordable wagons on sale, they’re all premium (Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo all come to mind). There’s no Camry wagon, Accord wagon, etc. When my mom was looking at newer used crossovers she also mentioned wagons but I could only find Volvo V60's and even those were few and far between.

“I need the space for my growing family” One word: strollers. The trunk openings on a lot cars anymore are too small to fit a stroller and the hatch of a crossover makes it much easier to get in and out. Plus that extra ride height means parents don’t have to bend down to buckle their kids in.

“I need all-wheel-drive” He says plenty of normal cars have available AWD and then proceeds to give an example with...a Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS, which is not a normal car unless perhaps you live in LA or London. A majority of normal, plebeian cars don’t have AWD: Sonata, Accord, Camry, Optima, Malibu, most Fusion models, etc. Yeah yeah snow tires blah blah blah, but most people either don’t care enough or don’t want to spend the extra money (and store) an extra set of tires.

“I love to pour money down the drain in a desperate pursuit of the worst fuel economy possible, while simultaneously robbing myself of any sort of driving pleasure, my soul devoid of anything resembling excitement or happiness or will to live” Crossovers get nominally worse fuel economy to sedan counterparts, so that argument is mostly invalid. We’re not talking Suburbans, we’re talking Escapes and Traverses. And as sad as it is, a majority of car buyers don’t care about driving excitement.


Another thing to note, at least from my experience, is that crossovers tend to ride a lot better than cars. With crumbling, pothole filled roads all across the country, it makes sense that people want something that can traverse those roads while still maintain some comfort. Additionally, the reason my grandparents sold their sedan to get a crossover is because it’s easier to get in and out of. We have an aging population who have an ever increasing number of bad hips, backs, and knees, so not having bend down or climb out of a car is extremely nice.


While the traditional car is still my ride of choice, crossovers have their merits and it’s completely understandable why they are flooding the market and why people are buying them up. For a lot of people, they just make more sense.

Ballaban’s article here.

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