So I’ve got a job interview tomorrow, which is cool because I just found out the job existed this morning. They wanted me to come in today, but it was going to be at 5 and I had to pick up my son from daycare. The job itself is kinda neat though.

Obligatory Miata picture.
Obligatory Miata picture.

It’s spraying lawns for mosquitos and ticks. On its own that isn’t exciting, but it’s a seasonal job...8-9 months a year. During those 8-9 months it’s a lot of hours, but at the end you get laid off and either collect unemployment or get a seasonal gig until it starts back up. He said half he job is driving, which is cool because that means half the job I don’t consider work.


Is it a ton of money? No, not in the grand scheme of things. But it’s 50% more in 3/4 of a year than I make in a full year right now, so that’s a definite improvement. It’s enough to let my wife quit her job and go back to school, which is what she wants, which is therefore what I want.

I figure I can supplement that with a seasonal gig at UPS or FedEx, keep the money coming in. Or I’ll just take a few months off and be a fat sack of fat, whatever.

So hopefully it’s cool and hopefully I get it. I’d love to quit my job and start this one before I take the family to Seattle in late September, but we’ll see.

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