An attempt was made.

For starters, I cleaned out my wife’s car maybe four weeks ago, but uhhh, you certainly wouldn’t know it. So away I go again.

Not pictured: other food and trash. Also, yeah I have lots of pine trees on my property so those damn needles are EVERYWHERE
Quick vacuum and a wipe down...
Mid-progress spot cleaner.
Liner for a little center console pocket soaked in spilt coffee.

An unfortunately, I had an incident of my own. My dog, a typically great copilot, had a mini-freak-out in the taco when we made a turn. Actually put her paw in my drink, flung it *everywhere*, and left dog-prints in the interior. I blame myself. Oh well, I really needed to clean the interior anyway.

Not too terrible!

I need a real detail vacuum... My 16V dus buster is no match for the hairs and needles threading themselves though the carpet fibers.


At least I tried 🙃

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