German organisation DEKRA (a car inspection company) released data about the Audi A6 being the most reliable car overall. In most other classes Audis took the lead as well.

However, when one investigates how they’ve come to this conclusion things get cloudy. Why? Because they only use data from HU (once every two years governmental) safety/environmental inspections. So if your DSG craps out or your TSI timing chain acts up, it won’t be featured in their statistics. They also (rightfully) overlook issues like worn wipers or tires, as you can’t fault a car for these problems.

My hypothesis is that unreliable cars see a mechanic relatively often, so HU issues will be solved before the HU is due. Reliable cars don’t see a mechanic often, so HU issues are found during HU.


I wonder, did Audi pay DEKRA to release this data in this way? It seems very sketchy.