Our ‘92 Legend. It is a car I had planned on keeping forever if I was given the chance, but space must be made. After all I don’t even own it, it’s my dad’s. I just dreamt of inheriting it. AND as much as I hate to say it, she deserves a better home. One with no batshit cold winters and salt coverd roads for months on end. I mean it’s still shy of 100K miles! It is our duty as committed Legend enthusiasts to do what is best for the car. And that we will do.

I’m only seventeen, but I’ve driven a handful of cars. From miatas to corvettes. From big modern wagons SUV’s and trucks, to really old Japanese shit boxes. This car is by far the most well rounded car I’ve ever driven. The thing is almost flawless, besides not handling cold very well. It acts all funny when it gets below 10 degrees, but anything more and it’s a dream. Once again, why we would like it to go some place without unforgiving hell winters.

The interior is simple and clean. It’s a very bright, open, pretty place to be. There’s so many tiny little things that I love, like how the volume dial turns when you use the steering wheel controls, little things like that I love. And there’s a countless number of them.

The foot lighting is an awesome little accent at night. Front and back. The little ash trays for each passenger, and one big center one for the driver. Those serve as great little cubby holes. The seats are very very comfortable. And the driving position is great. And that’s good because driving it is not as dull as you may think it would be.


The 3.2 V6 is a FANTASTIC engine. I love love love this engine. It’s got so much punch everywhere in the rev range. And when you get way up there, the thing just wails. It’s an awesome sound. It’s not a speed demon, but it pulls it’s weight very nicely. I can’t say enough good things about the engine.

The way it drives is incredible as well. It is pure bliss everywhere you go. Cities, highways, snow and ice, bumpy trails, I’ve done most everything with this car. I’ve thrown it into corners like my Miata and it put its nose down and went. I’ve brought it hunting, and it kept up with all the suburban a all weekend! Even off the beaten path! I’ve held my own Acura Legend Minneapolis winter rally around town, and it loved it! (At least in my mind) The feedback through the adaptive steering doesn’t connect you to the road too much, but it compensates very well to speed and road surfaces. It’s really really smooth. Very smooth. And on every single surface. You can wind through tight city areas no problem too! The turning circle is absolutely tiny when you look at how big the car is!


The best thing though is when you get on the highway, set the cruise control at 80 or 90 miles an hour, and just chew up the miles. That’s what this car was made to do. It eats miles in ease and comfort, and it enjoys it. It’s not that great on gas, like 20 mpg, on a good day, with no air pushing against it, going 50, with no AC on.... It’s not good... But it’s well worth it. It’s a joy to drive.

My final thing to praise about the car is the way it looks. Now before you go yelling about how it really isn’t anything special, how it’s just a dressed up Accord and it looks just as good as any other 90's Japanese sedan, let me make my point.


That’s the car parked at the bottom of Copper Peak, the fifth tallest ski jump in the world. It’s really hard to capture the lines and the beauty of the car with a camera, I’ve tried over and over again. But I love his picture. I’ve driven many Accords, and this is much more than an Accord. What Acura did with what they had when they were making this, the Integra, and the NSX, that was special. I know they’re making new versions of all these cars, but these were just BETTER! Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I feel like these were just better cars. And I think this car is deserving of its name.


And so they say, if you love something, let it go. And come spring, that very thing will happen. As the Legend lives it’s final days of the frozen Minnesota winter, sleeping in hibernation, it dreams of a warm place, one with big roads. One with beautiful scenery and many legendary things to do.

Run Legend. Stretch your legs and be free. And I will hear you scream, from that far away land, on roads free of salt and pot holes, “THANK YOU BROTHER”

And you will cross that 100,000 mile mark Legend.

And it will be good.