Yes, It’s a 1998 Accord. Now it’s time for me to tell you about all the kwerks and problems features!

I didn’t take any pictures of the exterior, but all you need to know is that it looks like one of the previous owners “parked it by feel.”

I bought it for $900, the guy selling it replaced two light bulbs and knocked $50 off the price and I didn’t even ask! Also one taillight is slightly darker than the other, it’s not blacked out or anything, but oh well. It cost less than an iPhone X!

I’ll start the problems from most important to least important.

1. Wheels and tires.


You can’t see in this pic. But the current wheels aren’t backspaced properly so they stick out from the fenders a little. The bigger problem is the obvious condition of the tires. I haven’t driven it since getting it home, and the next time I drive it will be to a tire shop for new wheels and tires (I checked a few junkyards already, but couldn’t find the correct size, since these are like 4x113 not the more common 4x100 bolt pattern) Discount tire said they can get brand new steelies for $50 a pop which sounds good enough to me, tires will be about $70 a pop for the same General Altimax’s I had on the Integra.

2. Intake piping.


As you can see it’s sealed with duct tape in multiple places. First off.

If the MAF don’t mind, the fix is fine. (No CEL)

Plus I’m sure either one from a junkyard or a hot air intake off ebay would be cheap (who cares about -5hp in this thing)


On a positive note about the engine. It is V-TEC (I think, not 100%) and it’s also significantly torquer than any B or D series engine, so it’s much easier to drive in the city and hopefully might even get better fuel economy after a tune up.

Also it’s not the original engine to the car. So there’s that.

(Also what’s the deal with the two throttle cables? I imagine one is for the cruise control. I ask because the throttle stuck on me once so I need to clean it and I haven’t figured out how to open it by hand, the second one blocks it.)


3. Won’t shift into fifth! (originally I mistakenly typed first) 

I forgot to take a picture of the shifter, but it’s a five speed manual. It doesn’t go into fifth, but it’s not like a grind and pop out. It’s like the gear isn’t there. 3rd, 4th, and R are kind of sloppy so I think it’s just shifter bushing or something with the linkage, not the transmission itself. So that should be cheap and easy. I think these have a solid shift linkage, but I’m no 100% sure because this is my newest Honda by 3 years and an Accord, not a Civic.

4. Missing radio. Not much of a problem and will hopefully be easy to fix. But the A/C works!


Some miscellaneous pictures of it.


Custom shaped arm rest for maximum comfort!

So kwerky! (and blurry!)


In case you’re wondering, that’s not a CEL. It’s a “maintenance required” light.

“Y mak 2 levers?” -Doug Demuro

Also one more problem, that’s already been partially solved.

So it came with the steering wheel cover that would slip, so I removed it and the rubber on the steering wheel is flaking off. How should I fix this besides getting another steering wheel? I think it’s too thin for a cover to fit properly. My first thought is duck tape, which would basically make this vehicle from Far Cry. But I’m sure there’s a more elegant solution out there.