So the plan after the Le Mans was to rent a car and drive to the Nurburgring and get some driving time on the ring. This has been one of my most loved tracks in the world due to its length, history, and those lovely curves. Unfortunately when I was setting up a time to be on the track, I noticed their open track times are the 15th, the end of the Le Mans, and the 24th, the day I leave to come back to the US. Majorly upsetting but I figure worse case I can check out the track and maybe they have something interesting going on like that recent video recently posted of the Bugatti being tested on the ring.

So I have decided instead on the 16th of June I will take a train back to Paris, enjoy some time in Paris (not much for the French but I figure it is a pretty significant city to just skip) and then rent a car to go to my next destination. So this is actually where I need my two first parts of input. First and most importantly, which vehicle should I rent?! I figure diesel is probably the best way to go in Europe due to the efficiency and from what I've heard diesel prices are pretty close to gas prices in Europe. So I noticed that Hertz has a BMW 118d for rental during the days I'm looking for. I'm thinking maybe I should try something that's not sold in the US like Citroen or Peugeot. The second thing I'm looking for is what's worthwhile in Paris. I guess I will be looking for recommendations on this type of thing for the majority of the cities along the way so I'd love to see what you guys have to say for Paris in this post.

So my plan is to drive to Cologne, which is about a 5 hour road trip and stay in Cologne for the night. The next post will be for Amsterdam and Brussels, the next two stops on the list. Good to see this is working out and sparking interest. Maybe I can find some other people to include on parts of the trip, or at least someone to party at Le Mans with!