Alright the big decision. Which vehicle to enjoy the roads of Europe in. I have decided that Hertz will be my best bet for renting from due to their larger selection. Here's what they have to offer that interest me. Let me know what your thoughts are.

1. Peugeot (Leaving this open as I do not know the brand so well but would love to try something not offered in the US) Including:
a. 208 Diesel
b. 308 cc

2. Audi A3 Convertible

3. Renault (open again for same reason) Including:
a. Captur

4. Opel Corsa

5. Volkwagen Golf Convertible

Now all of these are manual because I am a big fan and would love to experience it in the European way. There is more vehicles offered like a BMW 118d but unfortunately it is automatic. So what do you all think.