The late Pope John Paul II’s Mk2 Escort is up for auction and expected to go for hundreds of thousands.

However, if you want an Escort and have fewer monies I have news of one both cheaper and newer.


This one. I saw it on Sunday.

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It’s a fancy one too, unlike his late Holiness’s. It’s a 1.6 Ghia, so you get the big engine and to go with it a vinyl roof, fancy chromed wheels, rubber inserts in the bumpers, a rubbing strip along the side, overriders and a passenger door mirror. It’s probably even got a cassette player. These were all fancy at the time. You’re still winding up your own windows, locking all the doors individually and steering without any assistance though.

On the other hand, it has an automatic gearbox, a rare thing indeed.

The owner’s looking for €6,800 which is rather more than I’d pay.

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