Forget corporate grilles, Corporate wing mirrors!

Here are the wing mirrors from a Peugeot and a Mercedes. As you can see what differentiates these 2 types of mirrors from the rest of the norm are their treatment of the turn signal. Peugeot’s wing indicator looks like any other signal, but it’s instead on the stalk? It’s just weird for the sake of being french really, but it was distinctive and very Peugeot. Mercedes’ mirror isn’t as weird. but instead the signal is shaped in this super cool, arrow shape?

Maybe it was just me, but I thought they even suited the G-Class really well.

Anyway, they were both unique, and they both have been ditching them for some super generic mirror designs. Although while Peugeot has been recently killing it in car designs, Mercedes decided they rather liked Audi’s way of an identical lineup. Shame really, they both had the corner for distinctive mirrors.

This design can die in a hole though. Still, better to experiment.