Indeed it was...I had good news, bad news, and car news of various types! Stand by for enlightenment!

So, went to work early to get the truck checked in, as I'm now assuming more of the Assistant Manager responsibilites because the asshat doing them currently is useless, and finished super fast, while totally screwing up one thing, and this really set the tone for today...major events to follow, in order:

1. Firsthand experience with the new '15 Chrysler 200.

Local dealer got two in, an S and a C, sat in both and saw them test driving, very good looking in person, comfy too. Downside, the price for an S with leather, nav, v6, and awd is right at 30k...bit more than I was hoping. Still...that's definitely a contender for the Mazda3's replacement. In blue, I think.



Indeed, an app I put in two months ago at a nearby Toyota/Chevrolet dealer came back finally, I go in Friday moring for an interview, this could finally be my ticket out of lower middle class and into upper. If I get the job. We'll see.

3: My best friend is in jail.

Apparently, the day after we last hung out, he went into work, stole some phones, then set the place on fire to cover the theft. Then got caught. So yeah. And this is while he's already on probation for burglary. This is what happens when you go off your very necessary meds without consulting anyone. Shitty.


4: Project Car News!

My 240sx is nearly back to normal, she has a new fender, the door gouges have been repaired and will be painted over tomorrow, the CAI is in place, and the parts for the exhaust, as well as my matching front and rear strut tower braces, are in the mail...although I regret to say that given values at the moment, I am probably going to sell it instead of turning it into a badass rally homage...tripling my money is hard to say no to. Anyway, I realized today that steam cleaning is fucking magic.