Look at that strapping young idiot. That idiot decided that taking his turbo BRZ to a track day would be a good idea, even though it had a series of small problems. That idiot is me. Don’t be me.

the first 5 laps on track were great. I set a new personal best in the cool morning air on lap 4! BUT THEN on lap 6, I started seeing white smoke. oh no... Oil temps were above 270, smoke was pouring out the hood vents. Then “POP” and a giant plume of smoke, my car spun out.


Turns out, the shop that installed my oil cooler while I was out of town were morons and ran the oil cooler lines too close to my turbo downpipe. it melted and started pissing oil everywhere. I had to be towed off, the track was shut down for 45 minutes while they cleaned up my mess.

I was prepared to trailer the car home but then a performance shop (THANKS DOGHOUSE PERFORMANCE) next to the track said they would clean up the engine bay, make me some new oil cooler lines, and reroute them properly. They finished it up and I was able to get back on for the last session of the day, and SET A NEW PERSONAL BEST WHAT UP.

Video here