Those of you who enjoyed my article A Brief History of Asian Stealth So Far: Part 1 - Japan will likely want to read this article explaining the unique circumstances of how the Japanese Self-Defense Force is comprised and organized.

The end of WWII and the period from the reformation of Japan ("reformation" as in literally being formed again, rather than the social justice/civic rights connotations we're used to) to the 1960s when Japan became an economic powerhouse again (or period, as some might argue) was obviously a very transformative time for Japanese manufacturing, especially for Japan's auto industry (which even prior to WWII primarily made licensed copies of Western designs). Likewise, the domestic policies of Chairman Mao Tsedung had a profound effect on the manufacturing industry of the People's Republic of China and is arguably the primary shaping force of both the development of the military hardware the PRC's military uses, and the civilian auto industry of the PRC. I'll be covering the latter soon - unless someone would like to do that for me :)


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