While biking towards my second job yesterday, I saw a mini car carrier parked with no truck. No SR20 because I didn't think anything of it at first. It was much smaller than what's pictured here, so much so that an F250 or other large 'murican consumer truck could haul it. There were three brand new cars on it; an Avalon, A Sonata, and A C class.

Anyway, I get out of work at 3 in the morning and...it's still there? It's the dead of night in the shadiest, crime-y part of central florida outside of Washington Shores and theres 0% lighting anywhere. There are cops rolling up and down the highway, but they wouldn't see anything if someone were to do something (like break whatever's holding the cars in place and swipe them) unless they were to specifically look over there for it. Did someone abandon 3 new cars and a trailer in a random parking lot? If so...why?

I have to go back there tomorrow, if it's still there I'll know something mad shady is up. No one just leaves 3 brand new cars and a carrier trailer somewhere for no reason.