If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

An idea.

With automakers replacing icon names with crossovers, & bastardizing them with meh platforms & ugly bodys I have thought of a brilliant idea.

Put the ugly body on a the great platform the name use to grace.


Here we have a 90s Eclipse. It has the legendary 4G63. It’s WB is 98.8".


Here is (OH GOD) new Eclipse Cross. With a WB of 105.1". Take the body of the new one, & put in on the old one. It take some body work to make it fit.


Lets go to Chevy, here we have the 1st Gen S10 Blazer(LWB). WB of 107”.


Here is the 2019 Blazer. WB of 112.5" (GMC Acadia WB, same platform so I used that number). Put the new body on the old chassis.

Same for Nissan by putting a new Pathfinder body on a 90's Pathfinder chassis. You get where I’m going with this. Take a new body (model name has to be the same), but put it on the old car. What would you do? Keep in mind it just be the body, so the drive train would belong to the old one.

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