So, I was greatly inspired by Tristan driving his sweet Studebaker on the PNW Spring Cruise to Mount St. Helens. I know a few of us have older projects/classics/heaps in the Northern PNW and thought that it would be cool to have a drive someday. What do people think?

If I had to pick a location, I’d probably choose Samish Island, Edison, La Connor area. Quiet and cool in the summer. Plus, there is no way I am taking my truck on the I-5.

Here are a few that I could think of within a couple hundred miles (that run/drive):

CarsofFortLangley’s D100
StudyStudyStudy’s Datsun
GMcTavish’s Raider


Zoidberg’s Toyota Pickup
AestheticsInMotion’s Miata
NKato’s Police Interceptor