“Under_Score, no.” This is a message I received from AT&T U-Verse, my home Internet provider, in regards to the content I am about to post. “Please be careful posting this.” Sprint, my LTE provider, also gave me a warning. “Under_Score, this is risky. I know AT&T is shaky about you transmitting this message through their cables, and we’re kind of worried about this post traveling through our cell towers. Please reconsider.” My parents pay the bills, but I still reached out to both of them. “Sir, it will be okay. This statement is safe for work, and if there is an issue, so be it.”

The 2013-2015 Nissan Sentra SR in Metallic Blue is one of my favorite small cars, let alone favorite cars that can be obtained for well under $15,000. Though the field is quite large under $15,000, if I want a vehicle that looks nice, is colorful, has decent equipment, and has low mileage, this is the way to go. They are also very big inside. Yes, some nice options are missing, such as a power driver’s seat and a sunroof (I’m tall anyways), but this seems like a nice people mover. My family has also had a good experience with Nissan, so I would give them a recommendation to anyone needing a new or newer used car.