Like rubbernecking at an accident on the highway, I really try NOT to look at youtube comments. But for some reason I found myself drifting aimlessly downward into the realm of the comments section for Regular Car Reviews’ latest video, on a 2014 320i. While clearly not his first BMW review, he does delve into the perception, no, the stigma, attached to BMW drivers and WHY that might be the case. He even cites University Studies!

His argument centers on the possibility that people don’t necessarily drive any differently in BMWs, it’s that you notice when a BMW cuts you off in traffic; more so than if it was just another F-150 or bulbous CUV/crossover/whatever. Be that as it may, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

The comment I picked up on, which I think is perhaps the most insightful - or at minimum, the least ignorant, trolling, or simply offensive - I’ve ever come across in the youtube comment department. I don’t remember the exact wording and really, can’t be bothered to dive into that dumpster again, so here’s a summary:


- Drivers of NEW BMWs tend to be the jackasses who make a bad name for everybody. [I take this to mean, newER, late-model, whatever, probably at a financial stretch. I also think this neatly contains the mid-level-executive-2-year-lease-type who buys one for the badge and man, he’s gonna let you KNOW he bought a BMW.]

- Drivers of OLD BMWs tend to be more careful, courteous drivers [I’m thinking, over 10 years old, generally stock or lightly modified - to exclude the stanceBRO crowd, because reasons. See for example: most of the cars on Bring A Trailer. ]

Think this:

As opposed to this:


Full disclosure: I currently drive a 2003 BMW 3-series wagon, and I like to think I drive it with courtesy at all times - I don’t drive any differently when I’m in the BMW versus any other car, including my dad-tastic Volvo wagon, or my ‘61 Ford... except that the ‘61 Ford is a bit slower no matter how you drive it.

Does Mr. Regular have a good point? Does the commenter?

Either way, the turn signal jokes will outlive the internet.


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