I commented on Radwood earlier today in a post, and gave what I thought were some pretty gentle criticisms of the LA event. One of the “insiders” took this a little personally. Since we can’t share comments anymore, here is a representation of our exchange. I think this crosses into the general automotive interest because of this commenter’s claim of affiliation with Radwood:

  • Vehicles & MethylxanthineImmoralMinority 12/16/18 2:21pm

    Don’t see any issue with the placement of the cars and neither did any of the media or photographers who covered the event. 99.5% of attendees didn’t have a problem either, with over 1,000 #radwoodla tags and several thousand new #radwood tags on instagram since the event. As a RADwood event insider and contributor, I can assure you that everyone’s been raving about the eclectic mix of cars next one another AND the killer backdrops/environment (which includes the people in period dress). From the looks of your photos, I think it’s the photographer that needs a bit work. Also, I am baffled by your comment regarding the skate tricks “near the Ferrari.” These are some of the best skateboarders in the world and they were simply skating PAST the 308 on their way to a ramp that was another 30'-35' away. Yes, this event was arranged a bit tighter than other RADw0od events so far, but this is a classic case of a “bad workman blaming his tools (the show!).” Look at all the amazing content that has been published so far. The space lended itself very well to the production of amazing content for both still and video formats.
  • ImmoralMinorityVehicles & Methylxanthine 12/16/18 2:35pm

    Definitely bringing your comment out of the greys so people can see what “Radwood insiders” do when confronted with even the mildest criticism of one of their events. You apparently made this account to hide behind.You can be thin-skinned all you want. Frankly, this is why I have stopped participating in the Facebook groups - the Radwood culture seems to be turning towards some of the more negative aspects of car enthusiast culture. Instead of reading this and taking it as constructive criticism, or even just shrugging your shoulders and choosing to disagree, you want to rant at me that I am wrong and how dare I disagree with what others have published. I have no idea why you would want to come here and take cheap shots at me and the photos (which I acknowledged at the outset I was not happy with). I get it - you guys are not open to any criticism at all.
    What sort of image are you trying to project of your event? That you attack anyone who does not rave wildly about it? That you are closed-minded Rad-bros? Mission accomplished!
  • It is fine if others felt differently from me. Those folks can enjoy the event, and if there is demand for another one at Petersen, they will all go and I won’t. If 99.5% of the people loved it, you are set - why even care about what I have to say at all?Did you see my post on SF? I raved about that event, and I still say it was one of the best shows I have been to. I had planned on attending other Radwood events in the future, although maybe I should skip them because it sounds like you don’t want me there. It’s ok. After a great first experience with SF, I am having less fun with the culture that seems to be growing up around an era of cars I enjoy.I personally thought the Petersen was a bad venue for a car show, particularly one of this size. Some of my friends who were there agreed with me. Others did not. I thought the cars were too close together, spectator parking was too difficult, and there were just too many cars and people in too small of a space. I would not have wanted to show my car because I would have been worried about the lack of space. You don’t have to agree, but those are fair and objective criticisms, not personal attacks on you or the effort put into organizing your event.You make yourself look bad by getting nasty with me. Good luck with Radwood. I am happy for your success so far, and hope that it continues.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me stay away from a lot of car events. What is it about cars that so many enthusiasts carry this under the surface hostility that keeps a bro-culture so close to the car world? Many of you are not like this, and I have met many people who are not like this.

It is really disappointing. The SF Radwood event was so pleasant and chill, full of friendly people. But I am starting to be put off of the whole Radwood experience. As its popularity has grown, the territorial bro-ness seems to be growing as well.


Or who knows. Maybe it is just me and I should not interact with others.  

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