Well, after all of this crap yesterday, my girlfriend is going to be picking up a "new" car this weekend so she can blow the 2005 WK out. It is worth roughly her loan on it so that is a wash. Her mother has a 2004 BASE model Grand Cherokee Laredo with the rare 4.7HO (rare for the Laredo) with only 40K on it she is giving my girl because "she wants one with a map in it". This thing has no options at all except for the V8. I am pretty pumped for her. Last year of a good model run vs. 1st year of a horrible one. The lady that owned it before her used it to go pick up her medication for 8 years till 2012 and put a whopping 12K miles on it. the rest are her moms miles so she can keep her charger R/T off the road in the winter. I am okay with all of this. Pictured is her current, her new, and her sisters Liberty. Now I have some shit to fix to get a sticker on the WK before she can sell it.