Greetings, good people of Oppo. My name is Lucas, and just recently joined. I’ve been wanting to join for a long time, since I’ve been reading Oppo since I was 11 or so. Finally figured it out on Saturday night (I know, its embarrassing). After lurking for a short time, I decided to ask for authorship, and I somehow was granted it. So, here I am!

I’m a 15 year old kid going into my sophomore year. I’ve been a fan of automobiles since I was four. Mainly, I’m a fan of American vehicles, but I’m pretty open to just about anything. My favorite car? It would have to be the Corvette, and its been that way ever since I got into automobiles. Just about any type of American muscle gets me hyped up, though.

I currently have two automobiles in my possession. The first is my prized possession, a 1986 Z51 Corvette that I bought a year ago. Picked her up for $5,800 with 68,000 miles on it. Her name is Christine. Yes, I know, she is not a ‘58 Fury. She is possessed, though.

I know lots of folks genuinely don’t like the C4 Corvette. I can never see why, though. She has a little spider cracking on the front bumper, but that’s just about it. I’ve done a decent amount of stuff to it, but I can talk about that later.


My second car is this 2002 Taurus. I got it from my grandmother when she passed away. It’s nothing special, but it is very clean. It is my winter car, since Christine will NEVER be driven in the winter.


Well, that’s just about it. I’ve already been satisfied with my Oppo experience so far, and I’ve only been on here since Saturday. You all seem like an awesome bunch of people. I will hopefully write some decent things, and I will continue to comment all around. Big thanks to HammerheadFistpunch for giving me authorship!