An "Italian tune up" made my check engine light go away!

Illustration for article titled An Italian tune up made my check engine light go away!

On Sunday while on an aggressive drive up Latigo Canyon, my check engine light shut off and has kept away since then! I know it will come back but I just found it hilarious that I was able to get rid of it by just driving the piss out of my Miata. It is a code for a camshaft position fault which I have replaced the sensor but still get the code. I am not witnessing any of the typical side effects of a bad cam sensor so it’s ought to be something else afoot. My speed sensor is probably going bad as well considering my speedometer goes haywire while under load. I dont normally look at it much but seeing a needle fly back and forth sporadically does tend to catch your attention lol. Anyways, I have clearly learned that the Miata just needs an Italian tune up a day to keep the check engine light away!


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