The Mercedes G-Class is an oddity for many reasons, one of which is that here in the US, it was at least rumored for a time to be the only car whose high-performance version (the G63 AMG) outsold the standard version (the G550). Yet here in Nebraska, I see the G550 and older G500 every day, yet almost never the G55 or G63. Omaha has always been a very “stealth wealth” market, and it seems only recently that you’ve started to see Bentleys, Porsches, and the G with the frequency you’d expect from such an economically prosperous city. But that still doesn’t explain why here, unlike everywhere else, the G sells in a way that makes sense.

Also, anyone who naysays this car will get an internet raspberry. I love these things, and am determined to own one some day. My biggest problem is deciding between the classic clean looks of the G550 and the power and noise of the G63.