So the Buick Avenir concept was released a while back and everyone went nuts for it, praising the proportions and sportier design language.

Unfortunately, in typical Buick cocktease fashion it was corporatized to all hell and instead of an ATS-based (?) RWD BMW-fighter this is what we’re getting as the 2017 Buick LaCrosse:

Gone is the dramatic kink at the hips, gone is the long hood, and in its place is another uninspiring FWD mehmobile that is, at least, sportier than this whateverthefuck that it replaces:


Eugh. So tall. So narrow. This thing has some awkward proportions that look far worse in person than they do in photos. Needs to be two or three inches wider, at least, and a hell of a lot lower. Anyways, I think that the new LaCrosse/Avenir looked not to this ungainly cab-forward hulk of mediocrity (though the interiors are fucking NIIIICE), but instead to the first generation.


Slap some new headlights on that and add some superfluous creases and EVEN MOAR BIGGER rimz and you’ve got the new Lacrosse. Lower the roof a bit and you have the Avenir. Honestly for a FWD mid-level American luxury barge the first-gen LaCrosse is a very well-proportioned car, and it’s interesting that Buick appears to be revisiting its shape in the coming years. I’m back to fanboying about Buick because Chevy seems to be fucking up every design they come across and it’s pretty much up to Cadillac and Buick to redeem their design for me.

Or maybe it’s because I went back to my roots and bought a Buick. Probably that one.