Her name was Rolla, she was a showgirl

With black paint in her body and a bodykit down to there

She would merengue and do the cha-cha

It was Sunday, 5PM Eastern Time. I was turning left in a parking lot, I completed my turn and it happened. Rolla was t-boned.


Both my hands were on the wheel, my foot firmly planted on the brake. All I could see was the first generation Lexus RX430 accelerating at full throttle veering towards me. No braking, no blinker and looking in a completely different direction.

And then......BOOM

Impact. I felt the come through my shoulder, the B pillar collapsed and sent me across the car. The belt locked, however, the horizontal impact sent my upper body across the car smashing my hands on the opposite door.

The B-Pillar is done, the rear door is jammed partially open/partially closed, the front seat is angled incorrectly and not sitting level anymore.


Myself, I was wheeled away on a spine board strapped down to avoid any movements in case of a spinal injury. I was very lucky and got out with a dislocated clavicle that popped itself back in and quite a bit of whiplash.

I’m going to miss Rolla a lot but will never forget the sacrifice she gave to save me.


RIP Rolla, keep on rolling <3

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