An Ohioan's Take on Front Plate

Straight to the point, no real reason with no significant data to support it. I haven’t run one on my dailies for atleast 10 years. Never been bothered.

Photo: So much better looking with no front plate

I remember big debates over this since I was a kid (90s). And probably happened before that but ever since Staties and locals have gotten their way. It’s no secret they are trained to hit 2 main spots with LIDAR, Headlights and license plate. So that means taking a major target away.

There has been numerous reasons why to keep it. But its more suggestions and statements than real data. And I would point out a statie from up North stated

The uber one is new though. I have never checked the plates because I was looking for the car type. But I can see others who can’t identify cars and go by numbers. But what prevents you from looking at the rear plate?

Photo: GX and F-body both with no front plate for your time

As fellow Ohioan @SnapUndersteer, Italian Spiderman pointed out 


This brings up a good point, the only time I have heard anyone be bothered by the lack of a front plate is in rural Ohio. Both times were by a local. So it makes total sense why they would want to keep it, plus it gives the something to do

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