I had a mostly lazy Labor Day weekend. Now I’m back at work, boo! In between the lazy stuff we actually did go out and do Nature Things and also errands. Here’s an old survivor in the parking lot at one of those Nature Things: Brookside Gardens.

After Brookside Gardens we stopped at Costco, but first before attempting to brave that crushing mass of humanity, my wife reminded me that we needed to eat, and I found some random little hole in the wall Indian joint with a buffet right on the way to Costco.

While doing a different errand, MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD PAL!


Saturday I made a quick ‘n easy couscous with a bunch of veggies and Tofurky Italian sausage.

On Sunday we went to Great Falls Park, and there were lots of little kids, and dogs, and tourists, but it was cool. We also cleaned the house and various other household tasks.


There was a decent amount of bumming around and watching tv and playing cards and petting cats too.


Also, when making tacos on Sunday night, I got out the cilantro, and was like, “OH A BUNCH OF PEOPLE GOT SICK AT CHIPOTLE AGAIN, DON’T FORGET TO WASH THE CILANTRO.”