cuz what else is the internet better for than shoving your opinion in the face of a bunch of strangers

I know some people don’t like then, others do. I fall into the latter category. My thought on the topic is that people should not just go over to Google image search and find a pretty picture and post it, you need some content. I think notforcanada did it well, it was part of the theme day but had some great content to go with it. Good job buddy.


So here we go. If you guys can stomach another theme day, let’s dive into the Lincoln Continental, a car big enough to hold a pool if you wanted.

The image on top is of the Frank Lloyd Wright modified Lincoln Continental. The car started out as a normal Continental, but at some point, it was wrecked. Instead of rebuilding it to factory spec, Mr. Wright took the opportunity to customize it to his own liking. It comes in Cherokee Red which was a common color used in his architecture. He also chopped part of the top off and added the half-circle porthole window.


so there you go. enjoy my opinion or tell me to fuck off, either way whatever, I gutta get back to work.

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