Dear Jalopnik,

Is there any other vehicle in this space and time that more embodies the Jalopnik-state-of-mind than a perfectly running, faded, rough around the edges, good from far/far from good BMW 2002? NO. The answer is a thousand times no. It is fact that the 1974 BMW 2002 that is sitting in my carport this moment in Tucson, Arizona desires, no, needs, I dare say, demands, to call the people of the great online rag Jalopnik its new owners.

Just imagine the influx of popularity and clicks that would result from a series of posts that Andrew P Collins could assemble as he moves across the country in the car of his dreams, picking up stories, ice cream, and nods of approval along the way. Relish in the potential wisdom that the great Orlove could impart on his loyal followers of the joys of a loose five speed swap, a slow 40 year old 2.0 liter German four cylinder, and rear-wheel drive for days. Take it to the Dyno! watch in amazement as you ponder the realization that you can have this much fun with 50 hp at the wheels.


In this very vehicle I once tied a Ford aspire at a traffic light drag race, it was the loudest and most glorious moment of my driving life. Look, I’m not saying I want to sell this beast of a car, I’m saying that this prime example of German innovation that changed the way we perceive what a car can be, wants to be sold to you, Jalopnik and you alone.

Check your seat cushions! Only 590,000 pennies are needed to give Jalopnik a new car to rally behind. I love this car too much to see it go to some shlurp-a-derp. I want to watch it live on the web for months, maybe years, enchanting the great readers of Jalopnik like no other vehicle could in the hands of such talented writers. Take this idea to your meetings Jalopnik, run it by the bank account. Find it in your hearts to take on a new challenge. Buy this BMW 2002!