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An open letter to Kinja

You suck.

Stop trying to pretend you don't. The level of suck that is here is so amazing that the fact that your authors try to deny it by asking for specifics as if they aren't so painfully obvious is absolutely insulting to your users.


1) You are unusable on an iPhone. Trying to scroll through any discussion with more than a handful of replies freezes the browser.

2) You don't allow recommends about 80 percent of the time

3) What the fuck is up with the lowercase letter at the beginning of a post?

4) How are conversations supposed to occur when every response is a new thread where nobody but the two people involved can see it?

5) I would type more, but there is literally a 2 second delay between my keystroke and a letter appearing on screen. Sometimes it just locks up outright for 10-20 seconds then starts up again.

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