An open letter to Kristen Lee,

Hello Kristen. Tis I, A Reader.

I highly doubt you know me; It is also highly improbable that we have even ever crossed paths. But, Mrs. Lee, I feel like I know you.


I know you’re an excellent writer: witty, critical, funny, ironic, knowledgeable. You are probably my favorite Jalopnik writer. More than anything, Kristen, I trust you; I trust your words and your impulses about cars. Somehow you’ve earned my trust when it comes to vehicles. I read what you type thoroughly and I am always impressed by it. You’re certainly in a class of your own.

But lets have a talk, Kristen, because you lied to me. This car is no CTR killer, not in stage one, not in stage two; it’s heavier, not more powerful, and it’s probably lacking that very special anti-torque steer diff or suspension design that makes the CTR such a mechanically competent performance vehicle.

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But an Accord with a chip attached to it’s engine? This isn’t a killer. It’s a competent sedan, but no competition to the CTR. What’s wrong Kristen? Why do you do this? We love your work, your drive, your inspiration. This isn’t you...This isn’t Jalopnik.


I know there’s a certain trend in media, a trend focused on click bait and fast reactions to things. I’ve been there, Kristen. I was at for a few weeks as an intern and they would make knowledgeable individuals in the fine arts of video gaming, car geekery, and tech savvy-ness look like idiots online.

I’ve seen writers suffer through posting quotas that suppressed them; suppressed their creativity. To the point that my articles, keep in mind that I was there as an intern pretty much, were almost always on the front page with the most likes: I wasn’t pressured neither did I have a quota (mind you, I didn’t have a salary either). The editor and I (because I have such bad spelling that one of the editors would read through everything I wrote before posting it) marveled at this, I’m just a regular shitposter, they are, no: You are a community of professionals. A community that can and must be better than us; the laypeople.

Because if you say that a car is good, or a car is bad, you write it in such a flawless and delicate way that I buy what you say! I trust you, I use your articles as the basis for my fact checking elsewhere. It is a great merit that few people have, and we are more than lucky to see it present in people like you that dedicate themselves to journalism. I value your work Kristen, but I’m also afraid I’ll lose trust in you and your coworkers if you keep doing this clickbait stuff!


Jalopnik’s specialty is not being the norm, you’re supposed to stand out for good! Break the cycle, don’t do what everyone else does with clickbait! Do you want to turn into some sort of influencer bullshit site liker CarThrottle? Sure, I love their videos, but I know I can’t trust them. Not like I trust you, Kristen.

Never like you.


A Reader.

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