The fact that we need this is absurd

Go to fuck a camel. Like, go to a zoo, and search for a camel to fuck it. Seriously. Or maybe don’t. If you’re the type of person that stops to see a wreckage in the middle of rush hour in a bottlenecked area maybe you like fucking animals because you are one.


“Oh how sad, an accident fucking cops haven’t even arrived” Said the animal fucker. But instead of realizing that he (because it’s always a dude) is impeding the passing of cops and EMTs and cleaning crews he decided BY HIS OWN ACCORD that his stupid phone video of him stopping everyone around the accident is more important than stoping everyone’s path, or potentially saving lives, or whatever. But of course, this brave warrior quickly took his stupid tweet down because people started complaining. But many shameless fuckers remain

Today a bottleneck occurred in the junction between Constituyentes, a high-speed road, and Reforma, a high-volume avenue where the Mexico Toluca toll highway begins. A red Mazda collided with a semi truck in the five lane road. and ALL FIVE LANES grinded to a halt for idiots to witness the crash, which was stopping the outermost lane ONLY.


Just for context, the Mexico-Toluca toll road handles more than 300,000 cars a day. A day!

This commotion had effects behind, where people started getting desperate and shuffled lanes abruptly trying to predict which lane to use in order to get the best view. As such, a Nissan Rogue crashed into a police car in Reforma. Which of course attracted more camel fuckers and made everyone’s day a little bit worse.


Sincerely go fuck yourselves.

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