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An Open Letter to Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE

This is a crazy idea, but I wanted to do it anyway. What do you all think? And, yes I know I'm insane for this.

Begin Letter:

Mr. Immelt,

I have an idea that will surely sound daft upon first inspection. However, once my case is made I believe there is tremendous benefit to your company, the local community, and the nation as a whole.


I propose that you donate $1 billion; yes I said billion with a B, to the National Museum of the United States Air Force Foundation. GE’s forthcoming sale of its stake in NBC Universal stands to make an enormous profit for the company shareholders. Why limit that windfall to only those that are already very wealthy?

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is currently collecting donations and pledges for the building a fourth hanger. GE has already generously pledged several million toward this campaign.

Given GE’s many important contributions to aviation, Dayton, Ohio’s incredible aviation heritage, and GE’s continued support of worthy charitable organizations, such an enormously generous donation would engender a significant amount of goodwill and positive press about GE. Given the recent controversies surrounding GE’s taxes and reactor designs, wouldn’t such abundant positive press be extremely beneficial toward GE, and more specifically your legacy as CEO?

Think of the legacy you could have as the CEO who gave so much to help preserve his company’s, and this country’s history of aviation and innovation alive.


I submit my audacious proposal without the knowledge or support of either the NMUSAF or the NMUSAF Foundation.


Colin Frake,

NMUSAF Volunteer

Hopeless Dreamer

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